Scott provides a YouTube video marketing tip that is a game-changer. New YouTube marketers who come into this venue bring with them piles of assumptions about how YouTube works. These thoughts are the leading cause of failure at YouTube.

An example is when creators fail to add any value proposition to their channel image. They think that their brand is powerful enough to drive subscribers and engagement. This technique works for strong brand awareness channels, but it brings zero value when used at smaller channels. Smaller channels must define a value proposition and add it to their graphic so newcomers can see it, read it and subscribe.

Upon understanding this concept, the next stage is to define in a literal way what value your channel provides, so in Scott’s example, the channel is about mining gold, so “Gold Mining Tips and Tricks” is the value proposition. The best value does not touch on material value but what that value does to the human spirit. It’s not mining gold, but the value of the gold does for the miner. What will they do with the money, and how does it help the miner spiritually and emotionally. If you can tap into this value. Your channel will EXPLODE in size very quickly.

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