This video will explain how to play the Youtube game and win. Scott provides youtube success secrets that will offer tips and tricks so you can grow from 0 to 1,000 subscribers without Livestream networking.

Scott starts this Youtube marketing tutorial by discussing the pitfalls of choosing a wide niche versus a narrow niche. The youtube strategy here is to start with a narrow or unique niche because your information will fit the needs of the visitor perfectly. Don’t worry about inbound traffic as much as
satisfying the needs and wants of your incoming traffic. He also discusses what niches will be most difficult for new youtube content creators. Giving usable information is the best was to drive new subscribers. Starting as a vlogger or entertainer like comedy will prove to be very difficult on average.

The second section covers the importance of researching sub-topics that grow out from your niche. Finding the best phrases for your titles will not come easy without the use of Tube Buddy or Morning Fame. Scott mentioned that he had used both tools, and Morning Fame is my go-to tool for uncovering the best topics for my videos.

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The goal is to find topics that have high search volume and the lowest amount of video competition.

The next step in the game is understanding production and what is essential. Boosting your personality by increasing your energy is very important. Scott also talks about the importance of lighting and clear sound for your videos. You don’t want to irritate the user with lousy audio. Low-quality sound will make visitors leave because it makes them think you don’t know or care about your video quality. Also, avoid the use of logo stings and intros in your videos. It’s not about you in this game it’s about your info and how much value you can create for the viewer.

The next youtube success secret is to evaluate what videos attract the most views on your channel. Choose five or six and make new videos on those subjects. Branch out on those topics so that you send a massive message to the algorithm that these subjects define your channel.

Youtube success, on average, is not as easy as you might think. The venue will challenge you. It’s easy to get started and difficult to grow fast in most cases. You must not and can not give up. Stay in the fight. Avoid the desire to compare your growth against other channels. You can not compare the performance of one niche against another. Just remember that you are not alone. You have Scott in your corner he is in the fight just like you are.