YouTube analytics Groups is the best way to find out how to improve your titles, thumbnails and video content. The reason why is instead of depending solely on the metrics that YouTube provides you can execute comparisons on elements that you create. For example lets say your goal is to discern what colors are best for thumbnails in regards to improved click through rate. Well, what you would do is create two groups each containing the two colors. Then you would select the click through rate metric and take a look at the provided line chart that is provided. You will quickly notice which group performs better for that metric.

YouTube groups are so powerful in regards to channel growth that knowing how to make them and look at them is crucial for your success on YouTube. It is the purpose of this video to help you understand how to setup YouTube groups so that you can measure the effectiveness of countless video traits that you can dream up.

Below outlines the videos in this series.

Video Two – Group Selector

Video Three – How to export your thumbnails from your channel into the Google Sheets Selector.

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