This video is one of three video background remover applications for OBS Studio reviewed by Scott. Chromacam and Xspit Vcam reviews are coming soon.
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—————-OBS Background Removal Plugin – FAST SOLUTIONS ——————–

Download & Installation Instructions />
Applying The Plugin to A Camera Source In OBS />
What Background Removal Mode (Segmentation Modal) Is Best />
Does Hanging a White Sheet Help? Hanging a white sheet is STILL easier than green screen. />
OBS Background Removal Plugin Pros & Cons Summary />

————-DIY Green Screen? Save Money With These Tips – FAST SOLUTIONS —————–

Save TONS OF MONEY on Green Screen Paint (Up To 800% SAVINGS) />
FANTASTIC Low Cost, and Light Weigth Material To Apply Your Green Screen Paint />
————-Fast Background Removal Software Reviews —————–
ChromaCam Review />
Xsplit’s Vcam Review />
Nvidia Broadcast Review />

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0:00 Intro
2:27 Installing The OBS Background Removal Plugin
4:39 Getting More Information Fast
5:22 Setting Up The Source
5:55 How to Remove Video Interlacing
7:21 What Segmentation Model Is Best
8:48 How does it Work with Hands??
8:59 Does Hanging a White Sheet Make it Better?
9:43 Does the Plugin Tax Your CPU?
10:20 Plugin Pros and Cons Summary