Scott reviews two LED lights that are effective low Budget Lighting For Youtube. If you’re looking for an honest review of two LED lights that are perfect for lighting your face? This video hardware review will lights perfect for key lighting (main face light) and a led fill light (broad light that fills a wide area near your face).


Scott starts out by explaining the features of the Tolifo PT-176S LED. The light uses the number 176 because it’s packed with 176 high powered LED lights that can crank out the power. The first observation about the light is the case and general feel of the unit. It does not feel all that durable because it’s light to the touch. If you dropped the key light on the ground from six feet, I’m sure the video light would crack due to its weak plastic. Upon reading the manual, we noticed that the features listed that the unit will run continuously for 50 thousand hours or 5.7 years non-stop. This is incredible low-cost studio lighting because if the internal electronic help up the light could remain in service for a lifetime. The back of the unit is controlled by power off and on a switch and a LED dimmer. You will have to turn the dial many times to advance it from 10% to 99%. The power of the light at 99% is blinding. The manual states that you should avoid looking at the light and now we know why.

The PT-176S Phantom does not come with a power supply or any of the batteries that it can use. Scott recommends that you confirm that you have a power supply ranging from 5 to 17 volts. Trust Scott, when you open the Tolifo box for the first time, you’re going to want to test the light, and if you don’t have a power supply, you’ll regret it.

The accepted batteries (not included) are the NP-F550, NP-F750, and the massive NP-F970. These numbers pertain to the milliwatt-hours of output the batteries can generate. The higher the number, the longer the output but the large numbers like the NP-F970 will have a higher cost.

This light is a powerhouse. You have been warned the brightness of this LED video light is very bright it will hurt your eyes after prolonged exposure so make darn sure the light is not pointing at our eyes directly. This light is perfect for a fill light on your desk as you make your Youtube videos. The light can be shined on a white wall. The light generated will fill a room with little effort. You will LOVE this low budget video light.

The next effective and low budget light Scott reviewed was the Viltrox L132T LED light. It’s much heavier than the PT-176S because of its wide design. The LEDs cannot be seen behind the white screen. The light is heavy almost a foot wide and is perfect for a key light for your face.

The reason the light is perfect for key lighting is that you can change the color or the Kelvin temperature of the LEDs. The PT-176S uses plastic inserts to create color, but the Viltrox L132T has a dim switch that allows you to have man variants to choose from. This is why it’s best as a key light because you can change the color of your face at will. It’s not as bright at the PT-176S, but the color variants are AWESOME.

This low budget LED light also does NOT come with a power supply or batteries. This hardware is low budget, so this was not a surprise. Unlike the PT-176S the allowed voltage in is only 12 volts. Make sure you own one before ordering the unit. I’d hate to see you not be able to make Youtube videos the day it gets delivered.

Overall the Viltrox L132T is a very good light. The only improvement we could see is the brightness. But that’s not saying much because what it produces now is found in most desktop applications.

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