This video compares the 2 most popular wordpress security plugins available on the market today. The first is the Ithemes Security plugin and the other is the All In One Security plugin. Scott will show you which plugin is better and how fast you can tighten up your security. Every WordPress developer should consider this video as a lesson on how to lock up your site. Scott’s method to secure your site is easy and fast.

After comparing the two plugins Scott explains how he installs All In One Security Plugin. He also provides a link to his custom settings so you can use them yourself. You can find those import settings here.

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★ Philosophy of Use ★
This video approaches security as a preemtive. This video is not getting into SCANNING capabilities. We are simply increasing security to a tighter level. In otherwords site hackers will pass bye your site because when they take a peak they’ll notice that your not a chump. They’ll look for easier sites to attack and leave yours alone. Your WordPress site will not be the low hanging fruit.

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★ Why The In One Security and Firewall Plugin Is Best ★
This plugin is free and unlike Itheme Security none of its functionality is behind a paywall. I’m not alone in this opinoin because the plugin has been downloaded over 600 thousand times at the WordPress Plugin library. Also setting up this plugin can be executed in under one minute which is a fantastic fucntionality.

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★ Scott Demonstrates How Fast He Can Setup the All in One Security and Firewall Plugin ★
This section of the video demonstrates how easy and fast it is to seup over 20 security countermeasures in under 60 seconds. The method uses imported data to pull off the task. If you were to do this manually it would take you twenty times more time. Scot also provides information on where to download the import data so you can do it yourself.

The list of security countermeasures is the following.
• default administration login gets removed.
• The login lockdown feature has been enabled.
• The unlock request has been enabled.
• The maximum amount of login attempts is set to five.
• Time must transpire before you can login after failing five attempts.
• If the system locks you out, you’re banned for one hour.
• Users get logged out after 60 minutes of inactivity.
• Captchas have been added to the default admin login page.
• file permissions have been locked up with .htaccess.
• A software firewall has been added.
• Access to XMLRPC has been blocked.
• Pingbacks have been turned off.
• Pingback from XMLRPC has also bee turned off.
• Debug log file access is off.
• The folder index view is now blocked.
• Track and trace have been blocked.
• Proxy comments have been blocked.
• Bad Query strings are now blocked.
• 6G firewall protection is on.
• 5G firewall protection is on
• Fake Googlebots are blocked.
• Hotlinking has been turned off.
• Honeypot on login has been turned on.

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★ To to Get Back Into Your Site If All in One Security & Firewall Locks You Out of Your Own Site ★
This part of the video helps you quickly get back into your administration panel if the plugin blocks your IP address. This happens when you try to guess your password to many times. The solution is to log into your site root with FTP and make a fast deletion to your .htaccess file. After getting back in you can fix your login access and have All in One Security and Firewal rebuild the .htaccess file so security is restored.

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