I thought I’d make this video for a few reasons. The first is to thank you. The second is to begin experimenting with NFTs. I will explain more during my Livestream, which will happen shortly after November 7th. The talk will be about innovation and what’s coming down the pike with live streaming. There’s so much happening. My inbox (youtube@bluefoxcreative.com) is filled with viewer ideas for future videos. Some are incredible. There’s tons to talk about. When the date and time are firm, I will post them on the community page.

Thank you for supporting the show. Without you, this channel would be dead for sure.

1) The weird blue background is firework footage that I took near my house. The pattern effect was created by After Effects.
2) The 3D text was created in After Effects with multiple light sources.
3) The song in the background was produced by me. I used a program called FL Studio.
4) The glitch effect was created by Camtasia.
5) The confetti was dropped in front of a green screen and then masked out.
6) The electrical zap sound you hear towards the end was created by placing my mouth real close to the mic and pressing air through my teeth with my tongue. I then added delay to it in Adobe Audition. It sounds just like electricity. I had no idea if it would sound like electricity when I tried it, but it works.