Scott reviews his Shure MV7 with a unboxing. He reviews what super great about the mic and what really stinks about the mic.

More Info On The Sure MV7: AMAZON (not a affiliate link)

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Why I Purchased the MV7 vs. The SMB7
1:16 MV7 Available Ports
1:34 George Whittam Says The MV7 May Not Be The Best mic.
2:14 The MV7 Unboxing
2:53 MV7 Start-Up Guide
3:20 First time touching the MV7
6:00 Scott’s opinion on the MV7 sound
6:21 The wind guard foam is a FAIL
7:48 The mount is LOUD
8:31 The mute button (It’s not a problem)
8:52 The USB port is not protected
9:15 The SureMotive software Interface
9:59 Mic proximity controls
11:01 Changing characteristics of the mic
13:17 Creating presets
13:32 How to recreate the SM7B Sound
13:52 Comparing the MV7 sound to the Yeti