If you’re a DJ, this OBS Move Transition plugin tutorial will be gold for you. Scott explains how to create hotkey buttons that control the movement of sources to the beat of any song that you wish. This method is a killer emulation to what the Music Visualizer does, but you do it LIVE.

Files used in this tutorial https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wX1lQVslH7SEFevsTwDsArGg5xSLjDHJ/view?usp=sharing />
Spectralizer Plugin (OBS Studio)

Move Transition Plugin (OBS Studio)

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0:00 Demo
0:37 OBS Sources Used
1:23 Movies and Graphic Download Link
2:10 Plugin Installation Steps
3:27 Creating 1st Scene and Sources
5:57 Arranging Sunglasses Over Face
6:44 Move Transition Setup for Sunglasses
9:40 Move Transition GLITCH
14:33 Movement Setup for Space Background
17:22 Movement Setup for Star Burst
19:29 Spectralizer Setup
21:16 Second Demo
21:40 Next Video is Pomodoro Timer