Learn OBS like a pro and employ hotkeys so you can avoid using the mouse. Scott introduces OBS hotkeys and how to utilize them for tasks that aid in increasing live stream watch time and retention. OBS has become so powerful that not only can you control global tasks like when to start and stop your stream, but you can manage individual source elements within the scene. This power functionality means hotkeys can control sound effects, slideshows, and more.

Scott starts the video by diving right into the Hotkey interface and how to add keystroke commands to OBS tasks. The OBS interface looks complicated at first glance, but it’s not as bad as it seems. Not only can you assign a single principal value, but you can,

1 – Add two-stroke values, for example, shift + a
2 – Add three key values, for example shift + command + a
3 – Add multiple key values to one action, for example both the A key and B key can start the stream.

Scott dives into how to assign a hotkey to move from one scene to the next. He demonstrates this process live and shows how it works. When you see how it works, you will understand how simple the process is.

Scott then sets up a slide show source. He then assigns forward and backward arrows so that you can move forward and backward. This control allows you to have the ability to provide a presentation that mimics what you can do with Microsoft PowerPoint. It will make your lives appear to look like a produced video.

Finally, Scott digs into how to add sound effects to your lives. Sound effects, when executed correctly, can support action or statements in your live streams. For example, if a visitor comments something funny, you can play a laugh track with a click of a button. If you want to transition to a new segment in the live stream, you can add a quick music sting to the live. Adding sound support visitor engagement and retention. Your audience will stay glued, and your watch time numbers will dramatically increase.