Did you know that Nikola Tesla blew up a power plant in Colorado Springs? The guys at the plan were really pissed off at him. This video is about an experiment by Nikola Tesla. The experiment involves Tesla shooting electricity into the Earth’s core. It created the most massive lightning bolts ever devised by man. The sound was heard 22 miles away. This experiment was conducted at Colorado Springs, CO.

Tesla initially had a full blow laboratory in New York City and the lab burnt to the ground. The experience of seeing his life’s work in ashes depressed him significantly.

Luckily he had a friend who convinced him to leave the hustle and bustle of the city to work in peace. Tesla took the invitation and moved to Colorado Springs knowing that he could unleash some wicked powerful electrical experiments.

The friend that worked at the power generation plant told Tesla that he could use all the power he wanted. This was an offer he could not refuse, so Tesla packed up and moved.

His newly built laboratory looked like a giant wooden shack with varying roof levels. A part of the roof could be removed for fear the experiments would set it on fire. At the top center of the building was a pole with a round copper ball the end that must have been incredibly heavy. It looked to be over 12 inches in diameter. This copper ball would be part of his insanely powerful human generated lightning experiment.

This experiment was formed by the theory that the Earth’s inner core is electrically conductive. The thinking was that electrons could pass freely through it like a copper wire. Back in the 1800’s no one knew it was possible, and Tesla was going to find out by executing one of the most ★ insane, and mammoth ★ electrical experiments known to man.

After making many attempts at getting the frequencies, correct locals were beginning to talk about him. Word was getting out that this weird scientist was conducting electrical experiments outside of town.

After tuning the frequencies and getting all the hardware set correctly, he decided to go BIG. He was going to shoot optimized super low-frequency energy into the Earths core and when the power hit the iron core at the center of the Earth the energy would bounce back. Upon arriving back at the lab Tesla and his scientist hit the wave with another burst of energy. Now the energy was doubled. When the electricity arrived at the lab, it came back as a tiny spark from the copper ball on top of the roof.

Tesla continued to add power to the wave. Now the spark from the copper ball was 10 feet tall than 15, then 20, then 50, then 80 then 120 FEET!. At this point, the sound of the bolts was deafening. The enormity of the experiment was getting scary fast.

A blue glowing Saint Elmos Fire was forming in the meadow where Tesla was observing the experiment. Suddenly the lightning bolts stopped. The energy feed was cut from the power station in the center of town in Colorado Springs. Tesla ran back into the lab called the electrical generation plant on the phone. Tesla screamed YOU STOPPED MY EXPERIMENT!!!! The power station foreman replied that massive amounts of power were was sent back from the lab and the power generators were set on FIRE. The foreman replied that it would be a cold day in hell before Tesla could receive any free power from the power station.

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