This video touches on creating groups easily with the YouTube analytics groups Google sheet group selector. YouTube dropped the ball with their groups creation interface. They only allow you to choose from a small pool of videos. The tutorial helps you with that issue by exporting your data to a Google Sheets document which is essentially is a html version of Microsoft Excel. This document will allow you to pick and choose any group of videos quickly. It’s a huge time savor because with out it you would be forced to manually copy YouTube video IDs from your selected video. It would take forever.

Below outlines the videos in this series.

Video One – Provides a tutorial on how to setup groups for the first time

Video Two – This video is #2

Video Three – Provides info on how to export all your thumbnails from your channel into the Google Sheets Selector. #GETSUM

#GETSUM #scottfichter

#GETSUM #Scottfichter

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