This tutorial will touch on how to use YouTube video Trends to grow your channel. Scott talks about trend waves and the importance of getting your video out before the trend. He also talks about three websites that highlight trending videos on YouTube. If you find a subject that ties into your channel, YOU MUST make a video about the subject before the trend wave crashes and comes to an end.

Making a video about trending topics is a very powerful way to grow your channel.

I had a conversation with a friend this morning concerning the fact that your VidIQ, TubeBuddy, and MorningFame data is a few days old. They get the data from the same YouTube API which provides statistics that are a few days old. This is a time sensitive strategy so using those programs may not cut it. You need to really pay attention.

The Channels Mentioned in this video are… />

The name of the game is to find a trending subject THAT IS WITHIN YOUR NICHE and make a video about that topic. If you can find a topic that will get you in front of the trend wave you will win big!