Scott explains how to move text in OBS Studio using methods that involve the use of third-party websites. The first method is by a creator called TheRealDarthGuy. His approach provides a form that you fill out, and when you click the submit, the form sends you to a page that animates the text. The second method involves a website called This is a more refined service that provides similar functionality. It makes the selection of Google Fonts much easier because you can pick from a list available from the website. The third approach to move text for OBS is to use This site is a playground for CSS coders, and Scott shows you a page with text with 3D motion. He reviews all the parameters so you can change color, size, and other cool settings. The final page is a site called This site is interesting because it provides over 20 parameters that will manipulate your graphic or text.

The next part of the video explains how to extract backgrounds and change the color of text after bringing the animations into OBS Studio.
Another part of the video explains the difference between window capture and browser sources and why having two monitors is crucial for live streamers.

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