This video tutorial will show you how to design effective Youtube Thumbnails for 2019. Join me for this youtube thumbnail tutorial and follow along so that you’ll get more inbound traffic for your youtube videos. I will provide thumbnail design tips that will grow your videos fast. What’s important to understand is that Thumbnail design success is an improved click-through rate which is the number of clicks divided by impressions or the times your thumbnail shows up when that phrase is searched. Follow these tips and your click-through rate will dramatically improve inbound traffic to your videos.

One of the most important elements on how to design effective youtube thumbnails is by using a photo of your face in the thumbnails. Unlike TV which communicates to the masses all at once Youtube communicates on a deeper more personal level. It’s a one to one medium versus TV’s one too many. This is why is it crucial to use a photo of your face in every one of your thumbnails. The strategy is to leverage personality to get the click.

Make sure the expression supports your thumbnails topic. Also if you can, consider smiling and showing the whites of your eyes. Statistically, these characteristics make for an effective thumbnail design which will boost your click-through rate.

Now that we understand that you face is crucial we must prepare your photo so it looks cool in the thumbnail. This is a rockin tip on how to design effective Youtube thumbnails for 2019. Learning how to remove the background from your face and placing that photo on a background that looks WICKED COOL. The easiest way to remove the background from a photo is a website called All you have to do is upload your photo, designate the parts of the photo that you want to keep and remove save the image as a PNG, and you are good to go.

The next consideration for effective thumbnail design is the proper use of color. You may not initially think this is important but using the right color ties your thumbnail design into the color of your channel image at the top of your channel page. It also helps the thumbnail to stand out from all the other creators who neglect effective thumbnail design. It’s never too late to change your thumbnail design.

The first consideration is to choose a background color that will work well with your color harmony defined in your channel art. If your not sure what that color is a black or grey variant is always a safe bet because it will make your color pop. When choosing colors always follow the color harmony used in your channel art. If you channel image fails to show a dominant color consider changing it. The channel image drives your brands color and your thumbs are little soldiers that sell it by using the same colors. Upon landing on your color don’t stop using it. This helps with establishing a strong brand.

Effective thumbnail design also means that text message you apply must be 100% literal. Instilling emotion in your text is a good but DO NOT pull a topic bait and switch. Selling with lies is a sure way to dirt dive your channel. Don’t make your text message complicated. Simplify Simplify Simplify!! Visitors must understand your thumb’s message without thinking. Fast and easy readability is imperative.

Choosing the right font for effective thumbnail design is crucial. Space is extremely limited and wide fonts like Ariel will limit your ability to use needed text due to it’s wider width. Consider fonts that are narrow and bold. Reducing the space between letters which is called Kerning is another great way to squeeze more text into your thumbnail. For an excellent list of thumbnail compatible fonts click the link up here and it will take you to MeTaPhEx’s killer video on the top 50 be free fonts to use for youtube. ALWAYS use Font color that contrasts with its background.

The issue is that you have much less space than you think when designing your thumbnail. If you know what you’re doing with YouTube you already know the importance of end screens. Take a look at the size of these videos and where the titles are superimposed over your designed thumbnail. In most cases, the title eats up two lines! This makes thing much harder to design effective Youtube thumbnails. The time stamp showing video length is also something you need to account for. It’s small but you’d be surprised how it to can get in the way.

A new issue that has surfaced is the Youtube itself. YouTube has been having big problems with posting custom thumbnails. If you fail to upload your new thumbnail design before saving do your self a favor and delete the entire video and start over. Youtube will not update new custom thumbnails after the video has been saved. This is a problem that’s been going on now for months, and there seems to be no solution in the near future.

1/15/19 – CURRENT CLICK THROUGH RATE on this thumb is 6.5%