0:24 Leverage The Success of Past Topics By Making Similar Videos On Similar Topics.

This topic generation method is powerful because you are building on past success with your most popular phrases. Youtube will show you related phrases that are sending traffic to your videos. Make new videos on those topics, and you will grow even Faster.

1:57 Don’t Use Social Media Links In Your Channel Image Area

From a new content creator perspective using social media links in the channel image only take your valued visitors away from your channel. These links are not useful. You need as much watch time as humanly possible for your channel, and doing this will not help the cause. Remove those links. When you get bigger and watch time is blowing up then, you can re-add them.

2:42 Don’t Use the Popular Video layout Pick Popular Videos That Are Within Your Niche

It’s not uncommon for some of your popular videos to be outside of your niche. Listing these videos on your channel home page would not be smart because those thumbs don’t sell your channel correctly. Pick and choose popular videos that are within your niche and use those. This new layout will make a more effective channel.

3:10 If You Feel Emotionally Drained Do A Live Stream

Being a YouTube can be challenging. Sometimes you get very bummed out for one reason or another. Live streams will snap you out of that emotional feeling right away. It’s like a natural drug.
3:58 Getting Collaborations

If you wish to collaborate with large creators, always approach the sell from the perspective of what they will get out of the interview. This idea will help you land the interview.

4:18 Building Watch Time With A Website

All you have to do is create a website and create a blog for every video that you make. Making a site is not as hard as you may think. Contact Scott for help on this task.

4:27 Create A Cache of Videos For A Rainy Day

If you go on vacation or get sick, who’s going to post videos for you? Where’s the content? If you stockpile a few videos, your channel will remain active during your time off. Having a cache of videos is a great stress reliever

4:44 Pin Links to Similar Videos to Comments

This technique is similar to End Cards, but it’s applied in your comments. Look for other videos that are similar to the subject you just produced and pin a link to that video in your comment section. This will aid in keeping your visitors watching.

4:49 Boosting Watch Time With Other Countries

Translating your subtitles (closed captions) can be expensive if you hire a third party. Don’t go down this path! You can do the same task yourself for no cost! Scott shows you how to download your video’s .srt file and how you can execute a find and replace so the text can be translated into virtually any popular language. This info is a fantastic tip that will build watch time.

Here’s the translator site

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