This tutorial will explain how to backup your YouTube channel. Scott explains that this video is not a coincidence. Recent events like the COPPA suit and the terms of service language updates have set a precedent that some channels are in danger of getting taken down soon. Word on the street is that Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook will all begin to take down channels that are dragging the venues down. Scott’s not 100% what the reasons will be for takedowns, but all the signs are pointing to an exciting next couple of weeks.

STEP ONE – Where to Start Your YouTube Backup
Did you know that Google provides a way to back up the following data from your YouTube channel?
– – All Videos
– -All Titles
– -All Descriptions
– -All Tags
– -All Livestream Videos
Yes, it’s true. The downside that may cause issues is the potential size of all the files and how long it will take Google to pull it all together and the time by which it will take you to download it. For example, Scott’s channel has been around since 2016, has 130 videos, and several live streams, and his backup size was 170 GB. That’s a boatload of data, so BEWARE because if you have even more data, you could be closing in on 1TB.

The URL of this Free Backup Service Is

Due to the massive archive size, be prepared to wait when you initiate the creation of the archive. It will take hours and in some cases days. The bottom line is the backup process is time-consuming.

STEP TWO – Downloading the Archive

After the build, you can then begin to download the backup. Google splits the backup into convenient segments. If the archive consisted of a single 50GB file, the likelihood of a successful download would be small because the computer would have to download for super long periods. It’s just not practical.

Scott suggests that you download his “YouTube Archive Download Record” this will help you keep track of what files have been downloaded, so you don’t forget.

Download The PDF Here />
What’s The Status of YouTube – What’s the Trajectory?

The COPPA lawsuit nightmare and the recent update to YouTube’s terms of service have caused many to think that something ominous is coming down the pike. A reasonably reliable source told Scott that the date when channels will get hacked is December 10th. He also said that Instagram is doing the same thing on December 11th, and Facebook is cleaning up its channels in January.

The next couple of weeks is going to be chaos. Get your site backed up and grab your popcorn.

CORRECTION: I stated at around 4:05 that there is no feedback from the system telling you if you downloaded the file or not. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The blue down arrow icon changes to a check mark after the download button is clicked. This is massively helpful and I missed it. You may no need the PDF due to this feedback.

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