Scott explains how to add scripture, lyrics or any text like a image slideshow in OBS Studio. The plugin used for this lesson is called the OBS Text Slideshow plugin and it is THE easiest way to add text to your livestream. Click SHOW MORE for extra help on this topic.

If you’re running a church or and you’re looking to livestream your service to your ministry you have found the right lesson.

There’s more help on ways to scroll text for scripture, verse, lyrics and more.  Click a topic that interest you below.

Using The Move Transition Plugin

BENEFIT: You Control The Movement

The Move Transition Plugin is Scott’s favorite. Not only can it provide amazing transitions but it also is a music visualizer.

Using Google Slides

BENEFIT: Ease of Use & Cool Animations

LUA Script Method

BENEFIT: Automatic Line Breaks – Multiple Song Lyric Capability

Video Chapters

0:00 Intro
0:33 Getting Extra Help on Scrolling Scriptures
1:23 What This Tutorial Will Cover
2:13 Text Scroller Plugin Installation
3:07 Plugin Test
3:53 Setting up the Dock
4:30 Important Settings
4:42 Sentence Impact on Font Size
6:05 Visibility Behavior – Best Setting
6:18 Understanding Milliseconds
6:32 Readability & Font Size
7:02 Stroke & Text Color
7:28 Using the External Text File
10:26 Hotkey Setup