This tutorial explains how to add Facebook live comments to OBS Studio using the website. Scott starts by describing how to connect to Facebook. The next step describes how to create the browser source in OBS Studio. It is essential to follow Scott’s instructions when connecting to the restream server. If you fail to do it the right way, the needed dockable control windows will not appear, and you will not be able to gain access to the required URL for the OBS Studio browser source.

Scott then explains how to choose the right style for your comments. provides over ten styles, each with full and compact sizes depending on your needs. You can also instruct restream to remove the blue background color of the comment box system. This is huge because accomplishing the same task with filters causes problems if the comment boxes use shadowing. also makes it very easy to change the size of the text. Their interface is straightforward to use.

When connected properly, this system will be easy and fun, and you’ll gain knowledge on how to broadcast to multiple venues simultaneously.
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