Scott provides a juicy tutorial on fantastic free tools for Youtube creators that will help you accomplish everyday tasks that all youtube video producers have to perform.

★Free YouTube Tool #1: Full Sized Youtube Thumbnail Grabber★

The first task to accomplish is using your friend’s videos or thumbnails to promote them. There are a few tricks that help you grab their content so you can sell them on your channel. The first free tool for youtube creators is a website that shows you the large thumbnail created by the youtube creator. The site is called All you have to do is type in the URL of the youtube video and the site shows you the full sized thumbnail.

★Free YouTube Tool #2 Youtube Capture ★

Now if your a content creator and you need to grab video from a friends channel and you need it quick there are two methods that will help. One is the SS method and the other is the PP. Both of these tools will allow you to download their video. Both methods are easy. Just go to their video and type SS in the URL right before No understand that the URL must not be a share URL it must be the normal URL so for example, will get you the download page. Now there’s another one. This one takes you to a page that provides a 1080p version with is AWESOME.

Now if you’re looking for a software-based method you can download the 4K Video Downloader. It works with all kinds of websites including Youtube. It’s very easy to use. This is my go-to solution because it’s very easy to use. When you copy the Youtube link it automatically places it in the download field. You can download it here.

★Free Youtube Tool #3 Creative Commons Photo Search ★

The next Free tool for content creators is geared towards creating thumbnails that are super slick. Finding photos that support your subject can be daunting because many are licensed. You’ll get in trouble if you use them. That’s where the Creative Commons search comes in. This site allows you to search multiple websites YouTube, Pixabay and Flickr for 100% free for commercial use photos. The Open Clipart Library is also fantastic. This is a killer youtube tools for growing a youtube channel.

★Free Youtube Tool: #4 Screen Capture Chrome Extension★

Now, this next Free tool for Youtube Creators YouTube tool is off the hook. It’s groundbreaking. Grabbing a photo from your video makes for super effective thumbnail design. So what do you use to get that screen grab? The easiest tool is Clipular. Upon getting that clip what you want to do is extract the background using This is an epic free tool for youtube creators because it easily allows you to extract the background of a photo. Upon extracting the background you can insert it into Canva to make killer thumbnails.

★Free Youtube Tool: #4 Voice Audio Special Effects★

This free YouTube tool is really fun. If your looking to wake your audience up with a cool sounding voice this site is for you! The website is called and it creates special sound effects for your voice. You can change your voice into robots, monsters, and chipmunks. There are over 50 effects.

When I’m making youtube videos I find that I need a swishes, booms, and bleeps from time to time. is the place to go for these sound effects. A free sign up is required for download and some sounds are not free for commercial use. 85% of all the sounds are 100% Free. This site is an awesome tool for youtube creators.

★BONUS TOOL Youtube Tool: #5 Youtube Idea Generation★

If you find that you struggling for new subject ideas this free youtube tools will get you pointed in the right direction. The free version gives you all the power of the paid version but use is throttled. Unlimited searches cost $1,200 bucks a year so you know free this online tool has got value. Just type in a broad term and will return tons of topic suggestions. You won’t believe how many new ideas this will provide. When you find a term that turns you on go run it on the Google Trends page to see how popular it is. Or you can run it at on your TubeBuddy software.

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