Get the Full Epidemic Sound Review via this tutorial. You will learn why the interface is a PITA.
Scott will also explain whether or not it’s worth it to use for your Youtube channel? Are you tired of seeing your profit getting taken away because the music you use gets claimed by a third party? It’s time to consider buying music so claims don’t get applied and you get to keep your monetization.

Claimants don’t care about videos that get little traffic. You might have a video with a soundtrack from Soundcloud and then all of a sudden your subject begins to start trending and BOOM, the watch time spikes and all of a sudden a claim get applied to your video. Now your making money for a stranger. Claimants don’t care about low performing videos they search for videos that perform then they claim the revenue and sit back and collect the money. It’s frustrating as hell, and it’s time to put an end to it by purchasing access to royalty music libraries. Scott has

The Rules.
You’re signing a binding contract, and you can not be under the age of 16 years old. Also, the deal maker for me is that when you sign up to the service, all the videos that contain Epidemic songs are 100% paid for life. This rule means these videos remain approved for commercial use after the contract runs out. This benefit means that you are not chained to a lifetime of payments. If you decided to terminate the service all the old video that contains the music are still 100% good to go.

The Epidemic sound interface sucks. I’m not going to beat around the bush with the website. It’s a shame. How you find the music is not intuitive. The interface is clunky, and sometimes the search results are limited, and you don’t realize it. This issue is the worst part of the service.

The Epidemic sound quality is very high. There’s a lot of white bread corporate music, but that’s to be expected because there’s demand for it. The dance genre favors that kidding club sound, but there are some super great tunes mixed in. The reggae is limited, but it’s excellent. All in all, there a unique scope of music you have to dig and find it with their lame interface.

The Bottom Line

The copyright music service costs $15 a month. I chose not to get stuck paying every month, so I forked out the $144 for the entire year. Now my channel is covered.

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