This video tutorial reviews ways to easily find free music for your youtube videos. Scott discusses the good stuff like creative commons law, finding the perfect genre, awesome websites that have tons of music, songs to avoid and much much more. This video is jammed with excellent tips for finding the best music for your videos.

Scott starts by jumping right into creative commons law. Websites commonly use code like CC-BY-NC 3.0. This type of code may seem a bit confusing but after a quick explanation, you will understand what part of this code is most important. After boiling it down, there are only two characters that you should avoid. It’s the “NC” which means noncommercial. In other words, if you’re running a Youtube channel with the idea of making money through adds you cannot use NC. Below outlines what all the letters and numbers mean.

* CC = Creative Commons
* BY = Giving credit is required
* ND = No Derivatives – You can not mix or modify the song
* SA = Share Alike – This is the best most flexible license type.
* NC = No Commercial Use – The most important designation – AVOID
* 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 – This is the version number of the legal language

For those who are interested in using unedited music for their monetized Youtube channel the only parameter that is important is the NC. If you see “NC,” do yourself and your channel a favor and don’t use that song it.

The next technique for finding music for your youtube videos is using alternative genres that help you find new music. Let’s say you’re looking for Dubstep with no success. Well, your search has just begun. Go to this website. is incredible just when you thought your options were over hit this site and you will uncover genres that are similar but different from the one you were searching. is an excellent technique for finding music for your youtube video.

The next technique for finding creative commons music is using Youtube. Youtube’s Audio Library provides worry-free, high-quality music for your projects. The downside is the track volume is limited, and good tracks are used by many. This means if you decided to use a song your video may not have the uniqueness you’re looking for. If I’m not mistaken, Youtube has abandoned the Audio Library for the creative commons designation. In other words, the new good music can be found by filtering your search as “Creative Commons.” When you execute the filter Youtube will show tracks that have been designated as creative commons. Your choices are endless. I guarantee you will find something that works for your project.

The next technique for finding music for your youtube videos is using SoundCloud. This site is the 800-pound gorilla for electronic music so if you’re looking for that type of sound SoundCloud is going to make you happy. Simply execute a search and on the left, select tracks – to listen to – to use commercially. The site will then only list free for commercial use songs under the creative commons 3.0 license version. BEWARE, it’s not uncommon for music creators to submit tracks that have been mixed or put up tracks that are over a half hour in length that are compressed up many tracks. This is the fuzzy area. I suggest NO using compilations and if the mix track sounds like the original song DON’T USE IT. It’s not worth the headache.

The next technique for finding music for your youtube videos is This site states that all tracks listed are under creative commons license and are free for commercial use. The site is fantastic because all the tracks are displayed like SoundCloud. You can scrub the songs with the use of waveform display. This helps you skip to the drops and endings to see if they are what you want. I have found that simplicity of use is Key and brings it.

The final technique for finding music for your youtube videos is If you don’t feel like doing the work and finding tracks other’s will do it for you. The following reedits are the best for creative commons or free for commercial use songs.

* https://www.reddit.comr/ccmusic
* https://www.reddit.comr/musicformonitize
* https://www.reddit.comr/freemusic

The only downside to these three pages is post volume is not as frequent as I hoped, but WHO CARES the pages rock. Don’t forget to visit these pages.

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my video!


Wormhole video by Vitalo БабуДЫШЬ
CC-SA-BY 3.0

Credits music Maajron-run by kodymilkemodyl93

Blue motion background
By Videezy
License CC-BY

Credits Dancer RE_EL / Cosmic Slop Locking Dance
CC-BY 3.0