Scott discusses the Duplicator Pro Tutorial and how to setup automatic backups for Your WordPress website. This WordPress plugin provides you fantastic flexibility in regards to what files you want to backup, where you want to backup, when you want to backup and length of time that the backup files will rotate. It really is a fantastic system.

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This Duplicator pro tutorial will explain these four questions. Duplicator Pro is jammed with settings and this video will make it very simple for you. This tutorial will also explain the best approach to executing WordPress backups. One setup will backup the entire site. Full site backups can be quite large so these will occur at a reduced frequency. The other is database backups and these will occur daily. Both backups will occur automatically and will be uploaded to Dropbox. By setting this up you will no longer have to worry about updating your WordPress plugins because the backups will occur automatically. It will remove all the worry that you may have with this part of website updates.

STEP #1 Defining What Gets Backed up With the Duplicator Pro Plugin

Scott quickly reivews how to set up two packages. They are referred as packages because they contain setup site files for backup. We will have two. All site files and just the database. Each one will receive a different backup frequency but they will both run concurrently for 30 days. This high level of control is what makes this plugin a superior way to clone wordpress.

STEP #2 Setting Up Your Storage Location

Duplicator Pro is really cool because it provides several ways to store your WordPress Migration packages. The following are all the locations that you can save to.

– Microsoft OneDrive (5GB Free)
– Google Drive (15GB Free)
– Dropbox (2GB Free)
– Local Server
– Amazon S3 Drive or Equivalent.

Duplicator Pro provides many ways to off load backups to third party cloud services. Duplicator Pro makes it very easy to connect to these services. After connecting to your drive the next important decisoin is definign max packages. This defines the total amount of backup that will be stored at the location you define. When backups exceed your number the oldest gets deleted and the new one is added.

STEP #3 Setting up what days you wish to execute the WordPress Backups

This part of the Duplicator Pro plugin is setup in the “Schedules” section. All that is needed is to define your packages and then click off the days theat the backups are to run. Time of day is can also be defined using a pulldown. This is by far the most flexible WordPress backup plugin bar none.

restoring is also very easy. All you have to do is download the Duplicator Pro archive file to your server add the database credentials to the installer.php file and the system will do all the work.

the Duplicator Pro Plugin is a winner. Get it now/

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