Scott discusses techniques, tools, and dos and don’ts for original youtube channel names. This tutorial provides tips and tricks for both creators who are starting with Youtube and those who are considering changing the current channel name. The objective of this tutorial is to provide consideration that will allow the power of word of mouth to benefit your ability to grow your channel. In other words, when one person tells another about your channel, my objective is to help you use a word that will stick in the memory of human beings so they can find your channel which will in-turn increase your subscriber count.

The first topic of discussion is how you can test your new name for availability. The first step is to search for your new name on Youtube. Make sure to select “channel” in the filter pulldown so that the returned list of youtube names are for channels only. This choice will allow you to decided whether or not your new channel name is already heavily used. If there are more than five channels with your new name, it’s best to go back to the drawing board. After finding a name that is unique consider visiting This site provides feedback as to name availability for .com, .net and all the popular social sites in one search result page. The site will save you enormous time.

The pros and cons of using your natural born name as a channel name.

The pros are that choosing your name is easy and after building a community you can change it later. In my opinion, using your name is more trouble than it’s worth. In most cases, if you have a common name, there will already be several channels set up with your name, and you will get lost in the heard. Also, there’s a very good chance that your name is not available in .net or .com. If your name is not common, it may be difficult to pronounce or spell your name. This too is negative. I think for most people using your name is a mistake.

The next tip in choosing original youtube channel names is thoughts on making a name memorable. The bottom line NEVER circumvent the assumed format of English. In other words, if you’re using special characters, no spacing, lousy spelling, improper word structure, stay away from using numbers. Think of it this way when one person tells another about your channel name, and it’s spelled like xx_S1ng!Viper_xx not one will instinctively understand how to spell that word which will kill the ability for people to find your channel.

Adding words that describe your niche is always an advantage when choosing the best name for your channel, but you must consider one drawback. If you can do it and the word is unique, this would be an enormous benefit BUT beware. If the word your using is brand related, there could be the danger that the brand could vanish. For example, if you name your youtube channel “Fortnite Gamer” what happens if the popularity of Fortnite drops like a rock. You have painted yourself into a corner. Avoid the use of brand names in your channel. Remember your in this space for the long haul.

Online Tools That Find the Best Youtube Channel Names

Thesaurus – (best tool)
Name Smith –
WordMixer –
WordBlender –

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