Scott talks about the latest Camtasia 2020 release made this year. This version is a game-changer because it brings so many fantastic upgrades to the software. The significant upgrades are the ability to record your camera source in resolutions larger than 720p. Another outstanding feature is the ability to disconnect the timeline from the main program so that you can use two screens to increase work efficiency.

The most significant update is all the new work efficiency add-ons. You’ll find that the Favorites button will help you the most. This tab centralizes all your favorite effects, transitions, callouts, and more. Now you don’t have to search for that particular effect. All you have to do is click Favorites, and your most-used elements are ready for insertion into the timeline. This new feature helps speed up production.

The next development is the Track Matte feature. You can now designate a layer as an alpha layer. This new feature means you can create new transitions or control what’s seen by manipulating a top layer. It’s a cool update, and it gives more power to the producer.

Camtaisa 2020 is a massive update, and if you are 2019 users, this update is a must-have. The price just under $150 after taxes but production