If you are looking to understand what codecs are best when using Davinci Resolve to generate alpha channel videos (videos with embedded transparency), this video will help you understand what works and what fails miserably

Learn How to Make a Stinger Transition in OBS Studio

Video Chapters

0:00 Start
1:16 Research struggles for this topic
2:24 Why Hardware Decoding is crucial
3:04 Why the Graphics card is excluded when testing
3:24 Why the DNXxHR Codec sucks for OBS studio
3:56 Why the Grass Valley Codec sucks for OBS
4:33 Why GoPro CineForm is the best for OBS
5:30 Codec test results at OBS Studio
6:18 The quality setting with Cineform codec
6:38 What alpha channel settings you should use
7:18 How to make a logo sting with alpha channel